Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keladi Maju Bhd

1. I am queuing to buy more Keladi tomorrow at 0.19sen.

2. This month will be announcing its result, likelihood will declare dividend as well. Should have at least 1.5sen dividend, that would mean 7.8% dividend yield. Not bad at all.

3. Still holding the bulk of my UOADEV share. The price still hanging at around 1.49 to 1.52 this few days. :( UOA is buying in a small scale everyday, they are accumulating slowly and surely. That is a good sign, at least they are confident with the company prospect and future growth. The 10sen dividend would have provide some margin of safety there if AGM is approving the proposal. My gut feeling that the 10sen dividend will be approved and the big sum of money would go to UOA Holdings as they holds >67% of UOADEV, thus, i see no reason why they are not approving the dividend as this benefit UOA Holdings the most being the major shareholder. UOADEV has a cash pile of 845millions, paying out 10sen dividend would mean paying out 119millions, it only stand about 14% of the cash pile. Balance sheet still remain very healthy in fact. 


Teng said...


UOADev is one of the cheapest property stock,and one of my favorite( another is IGB,but it's share has gone up last 1-2months).

horse said...


I concurred. Just wait for the AGM. See if there is any surprise surge in price. :)

Good Luck. !

Teng said...

Bought UOADev at 1.47

horse said...

Congrat Teng !!
Profit already on UOADEV at 1.47.

Nothing done today. :(
I punch in late on Keladi. :(

Teng said...

Sold UOADev at 1.51

Greenleaf said...

Hi all,
Can buy Paramon? It got give dividends and the Pe is low. Is this a good counter to trade?

horse said...


Paramon on paper is good buy at current price, i would suggest you to go in by batches if you have surplus fund to spare.
Good luck.

DenveR said...

Congrats Teng :)

Horse, I bought UOADev-CB again @0.105 few days ago, did not have time to monitor it, else could have got it 1/2 cent cheaper.

Volume seems to be quite low today.

Greenleaf said...

Hi Horse,
Thanks. I still have some bullets to spare. I will try buy Paramon.
By the way, I succeeded trading Keladi and UOADEV in this week. Good start for me. Thanks for you help and useful information. :)

Greenleaf said...

By the way, can we trade UOAREIT? I see that the company is quite good. At current price, still can get 7% dividend. Can trade?

horse said...

Just place sell at 0.11sen everyday for your UOADEV-CB till you hit it. :) Good luck.

Just whack UOAREIT at 1.34 and below but be prepared to keep till July if price don't goes up. Good luck.

horse said...

Hard to get Keladi at 0.19sen. :(
Have been placing the order for 2 days but it didn't match my order.
If i punch in early on 1st day, i would have gotten it and making half sen profit already. :(

Greenleaf said...

I got it at 0.19 the other day and sold it at 0.195. Earn a bit but consider good trade because intraday trade. :) it is hard to get at 0.19 because no one is selling.

Titus said...

Hi Horse,

I hope you can advise me on BJCorp right issues and warrant. I have some BJCorp share on hands and should I subscribe the right issues and warrants. Hope you help me. Thanks in advance.


horse said...

Hi Titus,

I did not follow Bjcorp. WHat is the offer like ? RI & Warrant issue for what ratio ?
Can't advise much but what i can say is that normally Right Issue is for fund raising. The company must be in short of money. I normally don't like this kind of idea unless it is a super bluechip counter. If the offer is good by all mean subscribe the Right but to me i am quite scaptical about Bjcorp. I normally don't go for such offer. I would rather sell it if the losses is not huge.

Anyhow, the decision is yours.

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