Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sold My CMMT

1. Have sold all my CMMT today at RM1.39. :)

2. This was a last minute trade. If happen that tomorrow swing back to 1.36 and below, can consider buying them back as it is going to hover on this range.

3. As for UOADEV, will not do anything at the moment. Price would likely to stay at current level. They are buying slowly in small quantity, it does not affect the movement of the price with this kind of volume. Just be patient, price would either surge from here or go down slightly, not much of a change at the moment. There being no major catalyst to spur the price up, the only pending item is the 10sen dividend and not sure they will be announcing the 1Q result during the AGM ? If the 10sen dividend approved couple with good 1Q result, by then will be different story i think.

4. BJTOTO just declared a 6sen dividend. 2sen lower than what i expected. :( Higher 3Q revenue but net profit more or less remain unchanged. Would buy in if dip below RM4.36. Good Luck !!

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