Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bought More MudaJaya

1. Sold my PAVREIT at RM1.16. :)

2. Bought more MudaJaya at RM2.72 but it went down further. :( Looks like it is now in deep of the over sold position, anytime should have technical rebound from current price.

3. UOADEV started to move and chalk up 5sen today. It should breach RM1.60 in near term. :) Still holding bulk of it waiting for further rise. :)


Teng said...


Congratulations on your UOADev and Pavillion. I still have small quantity of UOADev

Tomorrow may buy Mudajya if it drop further ( or even at current level)

Teng said...


Aiyo,Mudajya up 3 cts early morning. Too late to buy 270 level

Teng said...

Bought Mdjya at 2.70

horse said...

I placed at 2.65 not matched. :(

Will buy much lower tomorrow. ;)

Watch out for ytlpwr-cb as well, will start my buying spree again if it fall < 60sen.

Teng said...

Bought Mudajya at 2.60

Horse-Did you manage to buy more Mudajya?

I did not get YTLpwer-WB at 59.May Q to buy tmr

Teng said...


It was reported that Mudajya is facing coal supply for its power plant in India due to start operation end of this year. Is this the reason why mudajaya price is down for past 2 weeks?

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