Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bought In More YTLPOWR-WB

1. Bought in more YTLPOWR-WB at 0.59 at last minute.

2. Sold more UOADEV at 1.49 and thought of cancelling the buy back at 1.46 but did not manage to cancel at last minute, gotten it matched with intra-day contra profit. Making 3sen profit after all, not too bad at all.

3. Overall market sell down, not sure it will continue to push down tomorrow. I do hope rebound for tomorrow,  nevertheless can't predict the future. It very much depend on overall market sentiment and confident level. Let's hope for a better tomorrow & GOOD LUCK.!!


horse said...

Nothing done today. :(

Teng said...


I missed UOADec yesterday. It was 1.43/44 for q short while,then all 1.43 sapu. Refuse to Q at 1.44 and now it was 1.49.

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