Saturday, April 28, 2012


1. Bought AMFIRST at RM1.20 today.

2. Try sell UOAREIT at RM1.40 but not done.

3. Greenleaf, if you bought reasonably big enough on AMFIRST, can park sell at RM1.21, scalp with it with small profit and repeat again. :) Good Luck.

4. hng, may i know how much to get a Cambodia maid ? Might want to get one when my maid is due for replacement. More expensive compare to Indonesia maid ?


Greenleaf said...

GLOMAC if times 2 = 1.68 per unit.
Y-high = 1.89

Seems like a good time to buy? The dividend of previous year also need to divided by 2 to get the real div yield?

hng said...

Bought ultramaximum Tambun at 62sen

hng said...

Tambun has right share and warrant going to ex- for entitlement on 3 May. Tambun shareholder entitle to subscribe 2 right share at 50sen + 1 free warrant (conversion at 60sen) for ever exiting 5 share. In addition, all exiting share and upcoming listing right share, all together entitle to its dividend of 3.8sen TE, which is going to declare after right share is listing on 4 June.

In short,

Buy 5 share of tambun now cost
5x 62 = 310

Subscribe 2right share at 50sen
2x 50sen= 100

Total average tambun = 58.6sen x 7

Free warrant , assume new warrant command 35% premium, worth at least 20sen/7 = 2.86sen

Dividend entitle = 3.8sen

Total return per share = 6.66sen/58.6sen (11% nett)

hng said...


Cambodia maid cost me around 11k, inclusive 6 month salary of RM 600. No day off and no restriction, able to do all household job.

Teng said...


YTLPower-WB seems lose its steam. I bought more at 52 cts today

hng said...


Beware of selling pressure come from YTL corp major warrantholder of YTL-WB, which still control of 86% stake. Nevertheless, YTL-WB will continue trace its underlying share performance.

Teng said...


Thanks for advice

Teng said...


What do you think of IJMland and its warrant? Currently its WA is trading at discount,and most analayst has buy call on IJMLand. Canal City is expected to be launched July

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