Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 19/4/2012

1. Scalp traded the above today.

2. Bought in CMMT at RM1.37 and sold back at RM1.38. Make a cent. :)

3. Bought back YTLPOWR-WB at RM0.59, it was done in last minute where i placed higher by a bid at RM0.595 and it matched at RM0.59. :)

4. Bought more MUDAJYA at RM2.63. :) Yes Teng, it is due to the coal supply issue by the Coal India Ltd company that send Mudajya price down. I think it is a good opportunity to buy in as the local operations still fundamentally sound. It is this kind of negative news that we got the chance to buy in cheap else there will be no  opportunity at all. The India Government and CIL will find way to resolve this as this already become national concern and its dealing with multiple power producers other than Mudajya. Some how share investors are over reacting on this issue and extremely sensitive whenever there is problem cropped up in any case. In stock it is normal and it has to be in such form that cause the price going up and down. I believe this is only a temporary set back, this create opportunity for us to go in. :) WB's Greedy while everyone is fearful. Somehow this quot has certain truth there. Will continue to buy in more on weakness. Good Luck.

5. UOADEV continue to stand strong. :)


Teng said...


Bought YTLPower-WB at 58.5.Hope it rebound next week to 60 cts level

Mudajya-From last 2-3days,it always go up in first hour of trading but retreat after that. Any reason ?

Unknown said...

Hi Horse,
Haven't been visiting your blog for some time. Hope you have been keeping well and 888 in your trades :D

p/s Hng MIA?!

Unknown said...

The above entry is from me, Pomelo.

horse said...

Hi Pomelo,

Wow!! Long time no hear.... our long comrade. How are you ?

Not sure about hng ? MIA for so long, the last i heard he wanted to start a blog but till today i have not heard from him as yet. Not sure how he is doing lately.

You make any money from share ?

horse said...


I think the selling forces for Mudajya not fully subside as yet but today look better. Hope it will rebound soon.
The coal issue is just a temporary set back. I am still buying in if it dip further next week.
Good Luck.

Pomelo Times said...

Hi Horse,
I had been busy - trading with some gains, restucturing my portfolio and learning to trade CWs. Long way more to go but happy with my own somewhat slow progress :)

Re Hng, isn't he a close friend? He had been around in your blog for years. Hope he's well and fine.


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