Monday, April 2, 2012


1. Sold my Keladi at 0.19sen, loss half sen. :( Profit drop and only proposed 0.5sen dividend. :(

2. Sold some of my UOADEV too early at 1.43 with small profit, still keeping bulk of it. :)

3. Congrat Teng on your UOADEV's profit. :)

3. YTLPOWR-WB, this is the counter that i mentioned earlier. Today managed to buy in at an average price of 0.6075sen. Will try to buy more if it dip further. This counter consider a small "bluechip" counter. Trading with negative premium and has a long expiry date in year 2018. With solid mother share and trading with discount is definitely an attractive company warrant to acquire. Can convert to mother share anytime with an exercise price of 1.21. Currently trading almost year low, i would suggest to buy in now as chances of making money is very high about 90%. Good Luck.


Greenleaf said...

Yeah, I sold my UOADEV at 1.50. Realize some gain.

Any idea why UOADEV shoot up so high?

Teng said...


10 minutes after I sold UOADev at 1.46,it shot up to 1.49. Congratulation Greenleaf

After you mentioned Yxx, I was quite sure it was Ytlpwr-wb. I was tempted to buy at 61 cts today. At 1.85 level,mother has limited downside risk. Lower divined may be cause for lower downtrend. Once YES 4G break-even or start to contribute profit,Ytlpwer may increase it's dividen payout

Teng said...

Finally YTLPower-WB match at 0.605

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