Tuesday, April 10, 2012


1. Scalp traded the above today.

2. Sold some Ytlpowr-wb at 0.615. Remain some for further rise. :)

3. Bought in Mudajya at RM2.80. Hope to get a quick profit on this as you can see it is always yo-yo at this range from RM2.80 to RM3.00. Strategy is to buy in batches when it dip further, always remember to break you money into few batches, so that you can average down and scalp play along when it rebound. :) Good Luck.

4. Teng, Congratz on your ytlpowr-wb profit. :) Keep up the good work. Consistently making money will be the way we would like to achieve. Let's work toward that. Good Luck.


Teng said...


Mudajaya-I still keep some lots. Too complicated to calculate my cost for current holdings. Last bought at 1.99 and sold most at 2.09. Now I am not sure if I made money from this counter. First bought around 5(before bonus issue) and traded few times.

horse said...

Bought more Mudajay at RM2.76 today but only partially done. :(

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