Monday, March 11, 2013

Bought ALAQAR ^^

1. ALAQAR - Bought in at RM1.29. ^^ Hope to get more on this. ^^

2. GAB - Wow !!! This guy turn to rock after CARLSBG go pass RM13 mark. ^^ Chalk up 60sen. ^^

3. GLOMAC - Surpass RM1. How nice if we still keeping this. ^^ Hope MKLAND is the next target.^^


5. Good Luck ^^


Eelyn Soon said...

Horse : May i know whats your view on Al Aqar? Why do u buy in this particular counter? For long term hold or for scalping purposes?

Teng said...


Most property counters have good run past two weeks.I Bhd,is at its highest level since 2007

horse said...


It is safe to accumulate Alaqar below 1.30. Up to individual, for me i accumulate at the current level down, for 2 reasons, dividend and capital gain at least 2sen or more.
Just scalp you way through and buy your way down. Don't sai lang all your fund, buy in a resonable volume and scalp all the way up for at least 2sen profit on each dispose likewise do the opposite when it is down. Don't worry if you get caught, just keep them for dividend. ^^ Good luck.

horse said...


Yeah, you are right. ^^ Just hope MKLAND the next one to run. ^^

Teng said...

Eelyn Soon

Horse's approach on REITS is good.Trade at 2-3 cents profit( but you must buy enough qty,and also get lowest brokerage).Keep for dividend if not able to make profit.

I started to trade REITS since 2009,and I can proudly say I have not lost money on any trade on REITS

Eelyn Soon said...

Okay thank you..

In my opinions, REITs are for holdings and div purposes.

I don't think i am able to scalp like Horse on REITs counters as i dont have that huge capital. :(

However from your experience, any idea when does REITs moves up?

Chocoanut said...

What you all think of collecting spsetia at current price around 3.31 to 3.33 for probably till quarters announcement around mid to end of March? or the current price has priced in the dividend and possible of hitting quarter target?

i extract below from annual report

"The directors now recommend a fi nal dividend of 9 sen per ordinary share of RM0.75 each less 25% income tax amounting
to RM135,382,585 in respect of the fi nancial year ended 31 October 2012."

Teng said...

GAB still strong today

Teng said...


lg said...

KSeng ..go go go! if fair value is 6.00, still got 13% upside!

Teng said...


Once special dividend is confirmed,Kseng will move toward RM6

lg said...


For sure. Only thing is they still have time till end of the year to confirm it.

horse said...

Wow !!!
CARSLBG & GAB still rock !!! ^^

No trading from me today.
Just watch and wait for GE patiently. ^^

hoseadavids said...

Carlsberg go go go.

RM14.00 is next.


cheeheng said...

Ruberex Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Teng said...

Sold MKLand at 32. Hope to buy back at lower price

Teng said...


Besides Rubberex,do you hold any other gloves stocks?

Supermax price is lagging its peers last 2 years.They are neglected because for volume play,people go for Topglove.For efficiency,Harta( and Kossan) is top pick

Teng said...

KLSE total volume at 12.05pm around 340 million shares. Spore SGX is >2 billion shares,which is 6x more than KLSE. Msians don't trade stocks vs Sporean?

caryn said...

IJM & IJM-WC wake up from slumber?

cheeheng said...


I only have Ruberex,smallest & cheapest in P.E ratio.

cheeheng said...


maybe M'sian more kiasu or kiasi..

Teng said...

Trade today.Sold MKLand at 32 cents,and bought back 31.5 cents.

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