Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scalp on STAREIT ^^

1. STAREIT - Bought at RM1.10 but only partially matched. :( Sold all at RM1.12. 2sen profit. ^^ Not bad. ^^
2. YILAY - Closed at 0.855. ^^ Eelyn, you are right about the ex-dates, they always announce dividend earlier but ex much later. :( However, it is safe to go in @ 0.82 and below, since can't get this price after waited for so long, just grab them @ 0.835. You will notice they have shares buyback this few days and the volume is relatively huge. I hope it will go pass 0.90 once 4sen dividend is announced sometime next month.
3. ALAQAR vs PAVREIT - Dividend, Alaqar has a upper hand. Liquidity, PAVREIT prevail. Capital Appreciation, both should be equally good. PAVREIT - Shopping. ALAQAR - Hostipal. I opted Alaqar due to its dividend. ^^
4. GAB & CARLSBG - Chalk up 10sen and 12sen respectively. Hope for more upside. ^^ Huat ARRRR....
5. YTLPOWER - Bought in at RM1.50. ^^ Look attractive at current level. ^^
7. Thanks Teng, CK and CheeHeng for the input. ^^
8. Good Luck. May the best price be yours always. ^^


cheeheng said...


Carlsbrg setting new all time high every wk.I'm in this one also.Congrats. Boooooozing all the way to the bank!

Eelyn Soon said...

tq horse 4d explaination.. got ur point..

and also ck & cheeheng who posted up to help.. :)

hup seng flew up so much... i used to hold this counter when i bought at 270, but due to its illiquidity n not much movement i sold at somewher arnd 290. guess i have to learn to be patient....

it has announced 15 cts div + 3 cts special today.. currently at 360

cheeheng said...


i do own HupSeng bought many yrs ago whn it was blw RM 2.00. It has no borrowings with cash of about 79 mln.

Teng said...

Anyone still holding UOADev?

Eelyn Soon said...

ok chee heng... maybe i should learn to be more patient..

its indeed a good co, from its chart the price is always moving up, but sometimes it js makes u feel lousy when u see no money coming from tht counter...

and when u sell, it comes..

Teng said...

Today bought YTLPower at 1.48 but it drop to 52 week low of 1.46. I queue 1.46 at 4.49+pm ( just before 4.50pm) but my queue not accepted.It only appear after 4.50pm

Today YTLPower bought back 2 mil share from open market. Interesting

horse said...

Will post this weekend

hoseadavids said...

Carlsberg is doing extremely well.
Just like I have expected.



Congrats to everyone invested in Carlsberg.

hoseadavids said...

Next stop for Carlsberg - RM 15.00


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