Wednesday, March 13, 2013

YILAI - DY 8% ^^

1. YILAI - Finally, bought in YILAI at 0.835. ^^ With dividend yielding of 8.3% is just too good and can't be ignored. Keeping this long term also a good approach as, this is almost assure of 8.3% per annum. It is higher than FD, ASM, EPF and even some of the bond funds.
2. MKLAND - Congratz Teng on scalping trade on this. ^^
3. GAB - Closed at RM18.50. ^^ Up 4sen.
5. Good Luck. ^^


horse said...

ASM 6.8% declared.

Teng said...


Starreit up from 1.06-1.07 level to 1.15 today.If there is no change in fundamental,it is not as attractive ( In term of DY) as other REITS

Eelyn Soon said...

where did u get the info of div for yilai, horse?

i check on announcement but see nothing.

when is d ex date?

Eelyn Soon said...


i have another question regarding REITS....

Pav reits n Al-Aqar - what r their differences? Which is better in terms of holding? Also in terms of div? And prices - which fluctuates more and which doesnt fluctuates that much?

I asked some ppl of Al-Aqar, but was told PAv Reits is better? But i dun understand why?

And Harold hotel, any relations to pav reits? n what is the impact of it?

caryn said...

MBFHLDG-minority wins again?

horse said...

Will come back to yr q later.

horse said...

Boight stareit at 1.10. Sold at 1.12. ^^

ck5354 said...

congratulations Horse, you sipeh alert.

Now very difficult to scalp trade.

cheeheng said...


also bought some Yilai@0.835. 8.4% is Goooooooood. Far better thn. FD or even Reits

Teng said...


Starreit yesterday 1.15,today you got it at 1.10.Good job

ck5354 said...


About yilai dividend:

You can check here:

Normally announce in April and August.

Eelyn Soon said...

Alright horse, will be waiting to hear from you..

Thanks CK, i saw that, but from the website it didnt state when usually is the announcement rite?

cheeheng said...

Eelyn Soon

u can also try this link:

cheeheng said...


u can see that Yilai usually pay dividens in April and August.Hope that helps. :)

Eelyn Soon said...

Ex 08/10/2012
Payment 08/11/2012
Interim Dividend 3.000

Ex 07/06/2012
Payment 09/07/2012
Final Dividend 4.000

Ex 06/10/2011
Payment 08/11/2011 Interim Dividend 3.000

Ex 07/06/2011
Payment 08/07/2011 Final Dividend 4.000

Thanks all, can anybody guide / clarify with me? This is what i seen from malaysiastockbiz webpage on YiLai's div.

It's EX always June & Oct, and payment on July & Nov.

So, i am confused here.

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