Friday, March 1, 2013

Play Safe, You Will Be Winning All The Way ^^

1. IGB - Sold all at RM2.33. ^^ Average about 7sen profit. Just lucky to get rid of this early in the morning. Closed back to square. :( Today the bulk of my profit come from this one. ^^
2. IGBREIT - Sold all at RM1.38.^^ 2sen profit. Bought back at last minute at RM1.37. Contra 1sen profit instead. ^^ Retain my shares holding.
3. ACOSTEC - Sold all at RM0.635. ^^ Close to 1sen profit. ^^ Good enough for me. Let other people earn, though closing at 0.64sen.
4. KHSB - Rebounded strongly after take-over news confirmed at 76sen. ^^ Congratz to those still holding else a big loss to them if they throw during the plunge. I will skip this one. :p
6. So far as at now, i only make loss on TMS but lucky it is just a small loss on this. Overall, this year still consider a good year for me, i have continuous making money without failed these 2 months except TMS. Though GE is just around the corner, i would expect making less this year. Nevertheless, will try my best making the fullest of all if i can, hopefully i am not getting caught or stuck. Playing safe is the key i think, at least you are assure it will not vain your investment. ^^
7. Good Luck !!!


Eelyn Soon said...

Congrats Horse! Gambateh! Need to learn more from you liow.. :P

Teng said...

We maintain our BUY rating on IJM Land, with our fair value maintained at RM3.80/share, assigning a discount of10% to its estimated FD NAV of RM4.20/share

Above from Am Security

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