Saturday, March 16, 2013

YTLPOWR In 52 Week Low !!!

1. YTLPOWR - First sold at RM1.51 but only partially matched, then bought in 2 batches at RM1.48 & RM1.46 respectively. YTLPOWR also stage a shares buy back yesterday by purchasing 2 millions shares ranging from RM1.46 to RM1.48. I guess this 52 week low price has triggered their shares buy back alert. I would hope that they will continue to stage the shares buy back next week if the price of YTLPOWR keep breaking the record low price since 2004. At least, the support is there to minimise the damage. I believe the dumping side is from EPF. :( I hope YTLPW will resume it dividend in the coming 3Q by giving at least 1.8sen div, also the company's cash pile of 10b would mean an estimation of RM1.36 per share. Down side is limited i think.
2. ALAQAR - Closed 4sen up at RM1.34. ^^ Will start liquidating next week.
3. CARLSBG & GAB - Carlsbg chalk up 78sen !!! ^^ RM15 should be reachable. ^^
5. The GE remain the fear factor. At this juncture every step in execution should be extra cautious. ^^
6. Good Luck. ^^
7. hng, still busy with renovation work ?


Teng said...


Actually YTLPOWER is in nett debt position. It has cash of 10 bil but debt of more than 20 bil( I forgot actual number). Having said that,ytlpower has lot of asset that generate god cash flow every year. Only cummunication is losing money. But I read news yesterday ytlpower 's YES will make profit by this year

horse said...

Hope for rebound next week then. ^^

horse said...

If not mistaken, estimated, ytlpwr stood at cash pile of 10b but the debt is in equal amount. Asset has over excess of 10b that make the NAV at around 1.3X something.

Teng said...


10b is current liabilitues. If you look at non current liabilities,there is also 6.7b debts.Also,there is about 7b bonds issued by YTLP

Again,YTLP is rich in asset and cash flow generated by its business is enough to service loan

horse said...


Any particular CW are you looking at now?

Watch MPHB-CO & POS-CH. MPHB-CO expiring on 17/4/2013.
Watch POS-CF & GAMUDA-CZ as well.^^

alwayswin111 said...

What is your ruberex average holding price?

cheeheng said...


my average cost for Ruberex is 0.615.

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