Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bought More ALAQAR ^^

1. ALAQAR - Bought in more Alaqar at RM1.29. ^^ Hope to make a quick profit here.

2. YTLPOWR - Closed 1sen lower at RM1.41. I will trigger another average buy if it go below < RM1.40. At the moment will do nothing on this. :( Personal view, at current 52 week lowest price it is worth buying in some for scalping purpose as no one know the lowest it will be, unless GE is called then this buy thought will need to put on hold till the outcome of the GE result. The set back are further squeeze on profit margin on Power Seraya operation in Singapore and the continued losses at its 1Bestarinet project. Nevertheless the speculative catalyst would be on its takeover plan by YTL & buy over power plants plan by 1MDB. If the later become reality, then hopefully a price surge would be anticipated. ^^
3. MKLAND - Back to 0.32sen. :( I thought it will go north this time. Look like have to wait patiently. Still keeping my units on this. :(
4. At this juncture, need to trade with cautious as GE is anytime soon.
6. Good Luck All.


Teng said...

Market up 17 points but Maybank system not stable. Diffcult to sign in,and even after sign in,can't buy or sell

Anonymous said...

Bought ultramax Timecom at 3.93

cheeheng said...


why not switch to Malacca Securities ? I've been using it past 6 mnths.It's good.

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